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MASTERCLASS - Terms & Conditions

All prices on our website are inclusive of 20% VAT.

We teach members of the public from the age of 14 years and above. Those that are

below the age of 16 must be accompanied by a paying adult.


Food and lodgings are not included in the course fee, however cafes and fast food

outlets are very close by. We also have a list on request of recommended places to stay

within a stones throw from the workshop.

A date valid gift voucher can be used towards this Masterclass.


Once the Masterclass has come to an end and work has left the premises, Neon

Workshops is not responsible for the breakage of your Masterclass-made work, due to

the experimental nature of the workshop and participants limited experience in neon

making Neon Workshops and invited tutors offer no lifespan guarantee.


28 days notice is required for any amendment or cancellation to booking.

If 28 days or more notice is provided of cancellation by the participant, Neon Workshops

will be in a position to offer a full refund of the workshop fee. If within the 28 days notice

period, Neon Workshops are not obligated to offer a refund, however we will re-advertise

your space and offer to those on the waiting list if a waiting list is generated. If your place

is taken prior to the workshop date, Neon Workshops will be in a position to offer a

refund based on the stand-in participants paid amount.

In extraordinary circumstances, such as unforeseen staff illness or an undersubscribed

workshop, Neon Workshops reserve the right to cancel this Masterclass at any time. We

will always do our best to reschedule the workshop, but if rescheduling is not possible

then a refund of the workshop price only will be offered. We are not in a position to offer

participants compensation for travel and accommodation.

Unless described as ‘ready to plug in’, to reduce risk of breakage in transit and assist

with easier installation, all neons are supplied detached from their power supply. Simple

wiring instructions are provided, as well as a wiring and installation demonstration as

part of the workshop.

Participants will be working in a potentially hazardous environment, which they must be

aware of and accept on entering Neon Workshops, by reading and signing our list of


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