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Nick Halford
28.11.2018 - 25.01.2019

Preview event: 6pm-9pm, 28.11.2018


With a penchant for stencil spray and enamel graphic work, we're thrilled to confirm that Nick Halford has teamed up with Neon Workshops to launch 'Highlights' - a show including five new artworks, that will incorporate neon elements to animate his imagery further. 'Highlights' will move onto Halford's home city of Plymouth later in 2019..






Just Us

Neon Workshops team exhibition
25.07.2018 - 18.11.2018

Preview event: 6pm-9pm, 25.07.2018


We practice what we preach at Neon Workshops. As well as teaching the good word of neon and producing other people's projects, we all make our own artwork to exhibit, and thought it about time to stage a group show! Ali Appleby, Julia Bickerstaff, Emily Binks, Katrina Cowling and Richard Wheater will each show one piece of work.
Join us here for the opening next Wednesday!


All artworks available to buy - catalogue here






The Young Alchemist

Jonathon Lang
23.03.2018 - 25.07.2018

Preview event: 6pm-9pm, 28.03.2018


This planet, with all its appalling immensity, is to electric currents virtually no more than a small metal ball.

Nikola Tesla


All artworks available to buy - catalogue here





Animating Neon

Michael Flechtner
27.09.2017 - 29.11.17

Preview event: 6pm-9pm, 27.09.2017

Among the greats when it comes to his extraordinary use of neon and it's relevance in modern culture, Los Angeles artist Michael Flechtner exhibits rarely seen headwear in his first UK show.






Our new project space

Sensible Soccers open up 7A

A night of art, live music and friends

7A... our sister warehouse space in Wakefield opens to the public, as Neon Workshops fly over the Portuguese electronic band of the moment; Sensible Soccers, for one night only. Look out for more ambitious events to take place in this stunning space...





Richard William Wheater

New work in neon and mixed media
29.03.2017 - 22.07.2017

Preview event: 6pm-9pm, 29.3.2016

Join us on Wednesday 29th March between 6pm and 9pm, to celebrate the opening of our new exhibition, showcasing new work in neon and mixed media.





It was all Ephemeral as a Rainbow

Steven Morgana
25.05.2016 - 10.07.2016

Preview event: 5pm-9pm, 25.5.2016

Join us on Wednesday 25th May between 6pm and 9pm, to celebrate the opening of our new exhibition: It was all Ephemeral as a Rainbow.

Acrylic mirror, illuminated neon/argon filled glass (powered by a portable electric generator, refuelled with petrol decanted into various brands of bottled water cheaper per litre than the water it replaces), scaffold poles and F-clamps, dimensions variable.





Learning my ABCs

Katrina Cowling
27.01.2016 - 20.05.2016

Preview event 27.1.2016

Over the course of her first year, employed part-time at Neon Workshops, artist Katrina Cowling was set the laborious task to bend in glass tube and light up the alphabet. Text, often synonymous with neon, is notoriously difficult to learn, and time consuming to make even when competent. Rather than acknowledging and discounting quickly as perfect signage, Cowling's endearing wobbly attempts, made from off-cut scrap glass, hold ones gaze less as letters and more as sculptures. Artist Fiona Banner commented on her own neon alphabet; Every Word Unmade (2007),that Neon Workshops installed in 2006, "The fragile wobbly letters, a byproduct of incrementally, inexpertly bending the glass – then the electrical circuit pumping the gas through, make it like one big, constant stutter…words about to be made or unmade."







Jochen Holz and Richard William Wheater
30.7.2015 - 19.9.2015

Preview event 29.7.2015

Join us on Wednesday 29th March between 6pm and 9pm, to celebrate the opening of our new exhibition: Guts.

Part of the next Artwalk Wakefield. Find out more.




Neon Nudes / Beautiful Hazards

Richard William Wheater
27.5.2015 - 18.7.2015

Preview event 27.5.2015





Stewart Gough and Richard William Wheater
26.5.2015 - 15.5.2015

Preview event 25.3.2015

Join us on Wednesday 25th March between 6pm and 9pm, to celebrate the opening of our new exhibition: Machine.

Part of the next Artwalk Wakefield on 25.3.2015, 6 - 9pm. Find out more.





Magdalena Jetelova

Magdalena Jetelova assisted by Richard William Wheater, installing at Blue Lagoon, during her residency with Neon Workshops.

Iceland, February 2013




Northern Lights

Richard William Wheater
28.11.2013 - 25.01.14

Preview event 27.11.13

Defunct London Underground illuminated ad displays are used to reinterpret the Aurora Borealis. This industrial crude interpretation of a natural electric phenomenon in the sky, is a continuation of Wheater's interest with our relationship to the environment.






Karen Donnellan (IE)
Bill Crellin (AU)
Julia Bickerstaff (GB)
Katherine Southam (CA)
26.09 - 16.11.13

Preview event 25.09.13

Four diverse examples of animating neon light recently produced at Neon Workshops, by four artists visiting from different parts of the world. Each display a personal approach to movement through the constraints of gas/glass/electricity.

Click here for more info.





Neon Nudes

Richard William Wheater
01.08 - 14.09.13

Preview event 31.07.13

This new portfolio both draws upon and critiques the communicative codes of contemporary society. Wheater responds to the titillating hour-glass silhouettes stigmatised with neon advertising by exploring the scale, fat and ageing flesh of the subject through a series of 'neonised' life-drawing studies.

Click here for more info.





You are (on) an island

Alicia Eggert & Mike Fleming
15.03 - 11.05.2013

In 2012 Neon Workshops invited American artists Alicia Eggert and Mike Fleming to bring their collaborative neon project to the UK and present it as a mobile venture to an unsuspecting audience around Yorkshire. In January this year, Eggert and Fleming arrived in Wakefield, installed their poignant statement on the back of a hire van, sparked up the delicate gas-filled glass with a small generator and took to the road.

Limited edition publication launch with the artists: 15th March 2013, 5-9pm.

Buy the book now.

Watch the movie now.





Peter Saville / Wheater & Bickerstaff

26.09 - 03.10.2012

Celebrating the 100th year anniversary of the first neon sign installed in a Parisian barbers in 1912, Wheater & Bickerstaff have produced three significant wall mounted poems. The traditional combination of neon gas filled clear glass spells out a theme relating to the medium in which the work is rendered. They will be showcased here for one week only prior to several days and evenings of fleeting documented installations on the streets of Paris, including the Lycée Polyvalent Dorian. What am I? will then be exhibited at Ebletoft Glass Museum, Denmark during December and March 2013 as part of a group neon show.

Also showing is a very special preview of new work by influential Graphic Designer Peter Saville. A neon and commemorative limited edition poster in support of the forthcoming Paris neon workshop and event Cent ans de Néon has been produced. PEOPLE LIKE NEON is spelt out in simple Arial font capitals, each letter represented in a colour of the spectrum blue to red. Famous for his involvement with Factory Records and the legendary music venue The Haçienda, and known widely for his extraordinary record sleeve design used for Joy Division's 1979 debut album Unknown Pleasures, Saville has had a life long fascination with neon and welcomed the opportunity to support Neon Workshops.

The full colour litho A1 size double-sided prints, signed and unsigned are available only from Neon Workshops on the evening or on our website at a later date.





Cattle Brands

Henry Stringer

25.07 - 15.09.2012


"If you are not a brand, you are a commodity." - Philip Kotler

In this show Stringer has developed two angles associated with the title Cattle Brands. In the gallery we see actual brand motifs from ten American cattle ranches, chosen at random and reproduced by the artist in Neon gas filled glass. Outside on the roof, Stringer has chosen one of the world's most recognisable companies to construct what appears to be a traditional sign, with salvaged materials. Whilst both ventures celebrate human skill in making and control over material, the concept is arguably less positive where the methods of control over cattle and that of fellow humans become blurred.

Stringer is very comfortable with taking a hands on approach to creating art. Considering his background having access to his family's east end London retail display workshop from a young age, it perhaps was inevitable that he would at some stage seek out neon; a medium synonymous with advertising and signage. After only a One Day Intensive neon workshop and several days hiring the fcailties here, Stringer fabricated all his own neon for his show.





Sirens - Richard William Wheater / Photo - David Lindsay


Richard William Wheater

30.05 - 14.07.2012


A series of large vibrant silkscreen prints by Wheater will make their debut at Neon Workshops, before showing in London later this year. All works are for sale.





Visible Words
Invisible People

28.03 - 19.05.2012

Over a ten week period, a group from the city’s homeless community worked with artist Richard William Wheater, on a project that aimed to develop their visual language through light and communicate their predicament to the wider public. The results were a series of extraordinary neon signs which the group and Wheater envision to be temporarily installed on buildings/walls in Wakefield’s high street hopefully later this year. Therefore this exhibition is not the final stage to the project, but acts as a platform to generate interest and support in making the work (and the growing homeless issue) even more visible!






Victoria Lucas & Richard William Wheater

25.01.2011 - 22.03.2012

12 Months of Neon Love was a collaboration between Victoria Lucas and Richard William Wheater, which began on St Valentines day 2011. The project was formed using a sequence of twelve lyrical statements, borrowed from well-known songs that feature the many configurations of love. Presented over a year in large red neon text, twelve expressions were visually re-presented on the roof of Neon Workshops in Wakefield to an unsuspecting audience going about their everyday lives. 





Folding Neon

Richard Sweeney

30.11.2011 - 10.01.2012

Richard Sweeney (born 1984) was invited to explore his ideas in neon for the time during a short residency at Neon Workshops. Sweeney adopted a spirit of experiment and sensitivity to the material, resulting in a series of unique, hand formed neon pieces. His practice combines the disciplines of design, photography, craft and sculpture, as he seeks to maintain an experimental, hands-on approach, utilising the unique properties of often mundane materials to discover unique sculptural forms.





The Neon Universe

28.09 - 19.11.2011


The Neon Universe showcases a piece of work by each of the four tutors of the recent workshop by the same name: Matt Dilling, Shawna Peterson, Julia Bickerstaff and Richard William Wheater. The exhibition is free and view by appointment only.





Neon Universe poster

Will Be

Tim Etchells

(edition 2/3)

28.07 - 21.09.2011


In this two part neon work, components are installed facing each other, on directly opposite walls. The first part of the piece features the phrase THE FUTURE WILL BE CONFUSING in letters of different colours, whilst the second part features an identical set of letters dispersed over the whole opposite wall. The second part of the installation is arranged 'nonsensically' so the already confusing colour mis-match of the first sign becomes, in the future, at the other end of the space, a kind of unreadable explosion of language.

Tim Etchells approaches his work from a performance and writing background, and is concerned with themes of liveness and presence, with the unfolding of events in time and place. Etchells has led the performance group Forced Entertainment, based in Sheffield, since its inception in 1984. He was selected for the long list of the Northern Art Prize 2011.





I'm Electric, You're Electric

Richard William Wheater

25.05 - 04.06.2011


This latest work by the Wakefield born artist was commissioned by Manchester Craft and Design Centre, and showcased there between February and April 2011.

I'm Electric, You're Electric questions contemporary perceptions of neon glass by introducing us to its past, as an industrial material, and demonstrating its possibilities as a modern creative medium. The work was made using neon elements with hand blown and found objects.

Dena Bagi - Manchester Craft and Design Centre

Wheater regularly works with glass and neon through performance and installation. Interest in the topical discussions surrounding our relationship with the natural environment has dictated his material choice in previous works, though he remains consistently loyal to an interest in glass and light.
scination with neon and welcomed the opportunity to support Neon Workshops.