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2023 MASTERCLASS April Key: Render to Reality

Render to Reality will be headed up by Istanbul-based artist April Key, supported by her digital design assistant Berkan Çosan and the Neon Workshops team. Spanning four days in September at our Wakefield workshop (plus fieldtrips), April and team will take six participants through the process of transforming a sketch/modal into a video render using ‘Blender’ software, leading into the physical, sharing studio and on-site techniques to successfully collaborate with fabricators and installers. Neon Workshops will introduce everyone to the neon facilities and assist with fabricating. Each participant will enjoy an intense four days of tuition and discovery, with the opportunity to leave with both a ready render and neon sample.
No experience required.


Workshop Schedule available soon


We are happy to provide a recommended accommodation list


2023 MASTERCLASS April Key: Render to Reality

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