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Noodles (Edition of 5)
  • Neon Workshops will arrange packing & free delivery within the UK.


    Edition of 5 made

    Dimensions:  38cm High x 33cm Wide x  4cm Deep



    Whether a fan of cult classic movie ‘The Lost Boys’, or looking for a special artwork to light up your kitchen,Neon Workshops have designed and made an edition of only five of these very special neons. Mounted onto a bespoke Sheffield stainless steel, powder-coated frame, using our own designed, locally made tube supports, we have chosen to use a top of the range British ‘Mode’ transformer; a unique power supply that can be used in conjunction with house-hold dimmers. Perfect for the home, office or workspace.


    Frame is powder-coated to matte RAL 9002



    Frame-mounted neon text

    Mode transformer/neon power supply, with 3 pin plug

    Noodles (Edition of 5)

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