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Richard Wheater / April Key



For one night only, on Saturday, September 30,  artists Richard Wheater

and April Key, hosted a one-off immersive art event at 7A, their Wakefield warehouse  - encompassing a live performance and the UK debut of rising stars, the Swedish progressive avant-garde band, Weils, with supporting choreographed performance from CAPA students . 

Master Chef finalist, Chris Hale, unveiled his delicious interpretation of Sweden’s street food.       


With sharp technical ability honed across their shared passion for neon 

and having both graduated from Edinburgh College of Art (ECA), albeit a decade apart, Richard and April naturally gravitated towards working together, culminating in this first must-see joint conceptual exploration of memory. Family photos documenting elaborate fire- work displays from 1950’s Hong Kong and subconscious reflections of Yorkshire’s coal fired past, will inform these highly anticipated visuals to music.       


The show was infused with the dreamlike melodic nuances of Weils, a band formed in Sweden by musical maestros, Jonas Teglund and Isak Sundstrom, who have a penchant for making contemporary electronic instrumental blues, with a shades of Brian Eno vibe.  Weils, who take their name from French philosopher and mystic, Simone Weils, couldn’t resist the pull of this fascinating staging. 


Text by Tee Hurwitz Gray


Photography by Paul Craig


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