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It's what's inside

that counts

Since 2010 Neon Workshops have been 

making and installing neon,

teaching and preaching neon,

exhibiting and publishing neon.


One to One


Our One to One tuition offers a more intensive training experience allowing participants to thoroughly engage with neon making.

Ex-participants can expand their knowledge and push their skills further, absolute beginners are offered a more exclusive introduction to neon during devoted time with a neon maker.

Price includes neon power supply.



Neon Sessions

£75 - £145*

July 23rd 

A two hour taster session on what neon is, what it can be and how to make it. See glowing examples of neon art explained, expect mesmerising demonstrations of cutting, blowing, stretching, bending and fusing glass with flame, filling with gas and illuminating with electricity. Experience the chance to have a go yourself under tuition and take home the results. Neon Sessions take place on Wednesday evenings and Saturdays. Participants receive 20% off a One Day Intensive.

*This price includes process of piece and a

neon power supply.



Mobile Neon Workshops

We take our customised mobile neon facility all over, spreading the good word of neon light. previous ventures have included New York, Berlin, Switzerland, Bergen, Reykjavic, Paris, Denmark, Australia and art colleges throughout the UK. If you are interested in hosting a Mobile Neon Workshop, please do get in touch for more info.



London One Day Intensive



Learn how to make neon. Several Mobile Neon Workshops in collaboration with Indytute take place in London this year. By the end of the day, you will take home a neon sculpture that you have designed and helped make! 



One Day Intensive


May 27th | July 22nd

Six participants will be taught by two neon makers and learn everything from transcribing ideas into neon drawings to filling their glass forms with gas. This intensive workshop should be seen as an educational experience rather than a commissioning day. By 5pm everyone takes home a piece of neon they have designed and helped make or direct in the making of.

Price includes neon power supply.






If you've enjoyed one of our workshops* but don't feel confident with jumping straight into hiring, then this package is for you! From 10am-12:30pm a neon tutor will help you revisit the torches and assist with manipulating glass tube, so that in the afternoon (1:30-4pm) you can hit the ground running and make your neon!

Price does not include materials



Neon Sundays


May 29th | July 17th

Bring your shades, and get ready to roll up your sleeves for four hours of demos and exercises with glass, fire, high voltage and noble gas. Have your earnest efforts processed on the 'Electron Bombarder' and illuminated to take home with a power supply. An energetic and practical half-day introduction, into the gorgeous world of neon. Sign up now, to electrify a new week with your own sculptured, energy saving light!

Price includes neon power supply.




We can offer a tailor-made residency to suit each individual – based on your ideas, needs, length of stay and budget. You would be taught by our team of neon makers, who have various approaches to the medium. Content can be adapted, based on your development and interests.




Regardless of how large or small,

complex or minimal your ideas in neon are, we'd love to hear from you. Send a sketch 

or photograph through, or if you want to replicate something you've seen we can do that too!




Gift Vouchers / Neon Artwork / Books

/ Limited edition print / Postcards 



£20 per hour


With access to such affordable neon making facilities, finishing a workshop doesn't have to mark the end of your experiences with can be the beginning! Practice, play, make your neon night and day with tech on hand. Price does not include materials, which can be paid for up front or as you go along. Hire is for ex-workshop participants only.





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Neon is a chemical element with the symbol Ne and atomic number 10;